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The Singer Company took a major step forward with the launch in 1885 of its Vibrating Shuttle machine the V.S. 1 was produced for about 2 years before being replaced by an improved version the V.S. 2 in 1887.

Early versions of the V.S. 2 have a fiddle shaped base, this design was gradually phased out with production ending in 1891 by which time an improved V.S. 2 with a rectangular bed had been introduced. This was redesignated the Model 27 and around 1910 the machine was again updated and became the Model 127. It would appear that most of these machines were treadles with various types of cabinet work.

The V.S. 3 which was introduced c1886 was a smaller version of the V.S. 2

DATING: The date of commissioning for Singer sewing machines is available online go to Singer Machine Serial Numbers.

On these models the Serial Number is located on the bed of the machine at the base of the pillar.

Singer V.S.2 Treadle

Model V.S. 2 Serial No. 10356980.

This is an excellent example of the fiddle-base V.S. 2 commissioned in 1891, it came complete with a manual and original box of attachments.

The machine has a bentwood case and a single drawer. The treadle frame does not have the Singer name on the cross brace as on later models.

See Cases & Bases Page

Follow this link to a FREE copy of the Singer V. S. 2 Manual.

Singer model 27 Treadle

Model 27 Serial No. P192004.

This is a later example showing the revised oblong bed. It was commissioned in 1900 and has Sphinx decals which are quite worn.

It has a five drawer treadle base with plain cross brace and gothic cover.

See Cases & Bases Page

Follow this link to a FREE copy of the:

Singer Model 27, V. S. 2 Manual.

Hexagon Model 127 Serial No. X65532.

This is an unusual version of the Singer 127 made for the Hexagon Sewing Machine Co. Ltd c1920 for sale in France. Note the "Fabrication Anglaise" on top of the arm.

A number of parts have Simanco stamped on them which is an abbreviation of Singer Manufacturing Co and confirms it was made by the company.

It has all the features of the Model 127 including shuttle eject mechanism and bobbin winder mounted high on the shoulder.

The centre decal is an intertwined H S M C and the serial number is that of the Hexagon
Sewing Machine Co. (rather than Singer) which prevents dating the machine accurately.

Click on the link for further information on the Hexagon Sewing Machine Co.Ltd