On this page are Shuttles and a couple of bobbins which came with our machines. When we started this we thought it would be very easy, however we soon discovered just because a shuttle came with a machine did not mean that it belonged to that machine! So far we have concentrated on boat shuttles, we hope eventually to do the spools and cylindrical shuttles. The images are scanned and some size discrepancies may have occurred and therefore are not to scale.
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 frister shuttle frontfrister shuttle rear  frister shuttle top view

Frister and Rossmann shuttle, which came with our earliest Mother of Pearl decaled machine Serial No.755871 ¤ 470871

 frister shuttle front frister shuttle rear

Another Frister and Rossmann shuttle, which belongs to Serial No.924293. Note the changes to the tension side plate with a square cut, the plate being held in place by two rivets. The bar across the rear slot is now separate from the main body of the shuttle case.

 frister shuttle front

Shuttle that came with our other Mother of Pearl Frister and Rossmann. Serial No.928790. The tension side plate has a round cut and is held on by a single rivet.

 singer shuttle front singer shuttle rear  singer shuttle

This shuttle is from our Singer 12 Serial No.2108516

 singer shuttle front
This shuttle is one of three that came with our Singer 12 Serial No.8772477, note the ends of the slot are rounded not square as in the above picture. The top and rear of this shuttle are the same as the previous shuttle.

 singer shuttle front singer shuttle rear

The second shuttle from the above machine which is completely different, so it may actually belong to another make of machine. The rear view shows the dividing bar to the slot missing.

 singer shuttle front singer shuttle rear  singer shuttle top view singer open lid

The third type of shuttle found with our Singer 12 Serial No.8772477, this is an enclosed boat shuttle with a hinged lid and the bobbin can be inserted though the top or the end of the shuttle. May belong to another make of machine or may be generic - certainly alot more complicated.
It has Gesetzlich G.N. geschültzt stamped beneath the lid.

 drgm shuttle front drgm shuttle rear  drgm shuttle top view  drgm shuttle front

These shuttles have D R G M stamped onto the tension plate. Which means patented in Germany. As can be seen from the pictures these shuttles are very similar to Frister and Rossmann shuttles and one was found in a Frister machine, the others we have are from German imports.

 unknown shuttle top view

The front of this shuttle had the tension plate missing and so we have only included a rear view which shows a lozenge shaped bar rather that a thin bar as found on Frister shuttles, this one came from a machine of unknown German origin.

 jones hand shuttle front jones hand shuttle rear  jones hand shuttle top view  jones hand open

This was found in our oldest Jones Hand machine, still threaded. It has an arm inside the shuttle which hold the bobbin in place. Amazingly we found a second shuttle of this type with a Singer 12 machine but alas it is missing its tension plate.

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