Sigma - Viceroy Model H Serial No.802830.

There were three different models of the Viceroy all of which were made by Sigma in Elgoibar, Spain.

The company was formed in 1920 by Eulogio Estarta and Teodoro Ecenarro as Estarta y Ecenarro but when Sigma became the trade name is not clear.

The machines were imported into Great Britain by Universal Sewing Machines and this model was sold as the Viceroy Model H and dates to 1959.

Universal Sewing Machines fitted a plywood base and case which were made in England and mounted its own 1/15th electric motor to the rear of the pillar to drive a small flywheel controlled by a foot pedal which was possibly made by Jones.

The body is steel and the castings are quite rough, with machining visible on the bed. This one is finished in two tone grey rather than the more common two tone green.

Universal Sewing Machine

The top cover (light grey) is removable and features an unusual lidded compartment - which is the concealed cotton reel holder. On later Sigma Model H machines this compartment was deleted and replaced with two spool pins. The machine can sew both forwards and backwards. In addition the feed teeth can be raised or lowered for darning and embroidery using the Patchomatic. This device is at the left hand end of the machine.

Sigma Badge

It has Sigma's badge of a shield with a stylized lady "flying" through a sewing machine attached to the nose of the machine and this badge also appears in several photos in the manual.

The standard logo for Universal Sewing Machines Ltd is positioned below the stitch length adjuster with Viceroy on the arm and Made in Spain at the base of the pillar under the arm.

Universal Logo

The serial number is under the front edge
of the machine and there is an additional
number cast under the bed.

Viceroy Serial number
Viceroy underside
Viceroy rear

The rear view shows the Universal motor, the cover for the plug was damaged in transit along with the plywood base which will need to be replaced.

The bulge in the arm is the built in light.

The Patchomatic is on the top casing far right of the photograph.

The grey and red cover is plywood with a textured covering. It has Universal in gold in the bottom right hand corner and is held in place on the base with two latches

Viceroy case
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