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 Willcox and Gibbs

Willcox and Gibbs: Serial No. A539298.

The Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine Company was founded in 1857 and opened its London Office in 1859 at 135 Regent Street. By 1871 the Company's Chief Office for Europe was at 150 Cheapside, London, this office was later moved (post 1880) to 94 - 96 Wigmore Street, then 37 & 39 Moorgate Street (by 1891 to post 1901) and later 20 Fore Street, London.

The manufacturing of the Company's' single thread, chain stitch machine was subcontracted to Brown & Sharpe, Rhode Island until 1948.
A special hand crank mechanism was produced in England for the European market, but the general design of the Willcox & Gibbs remained essentially the same throughout its production. The only major improvement was in 1875 when the glass tension discs were replaced with an automatic tension device which ensured the machine could not get out of adjustment.
The Company finally closed in 1973.

This Willcox & Gibbs came complete with its wooden carry case which is shown on the Cases and Bases Page. The machine was made in America in 1903 but it has the elegant hand crank produced for the European market. The cloth plate has a stitch length indicator as well as various patent dates for both the U.S.A. and Great Britain the last of which is 1894.

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 Willcox & Gibbs Badge