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Hexagon: Serial No. X1655.

Manufactured by the Standard Sewing Machine Co., Cleveland, Ohio. The company was originally incorporated in 1880 as the Teller Manufacturing Co. but changed its name to the Standard Sewing Machine Co. in 1884.

In 1928 the company was licenced by the Frederick Osann Co. to produce the famous Sewhandy lightweight sewing machines however shortly afterwards in 1929 the Standard Sewing Machine Co. became a subsiduary of the Fredrick Osann Co. although it continued to operate as a separate company.

In 1934 the Frederick Osann Co was itself taken over by the Singer Manufacturing Co.

This machine is labelled for the Hexagon Sewing Machine Company Ltd and came with a manual dated 1919. The Company is known to have gone into liquidation in 1924. Its chairman was G. H. Emmerson. The machine is in excellent condition and although it was missing a slide plate we found those from a Singer 28 fit perfectly.

The same machine but with different decals was sold as the Harris No.5 and from evidence gleened from serial numbers we know over 18,900 machines were produced. When Singer took over the Frederick Osann Co. it continued to produce this model under the Singer name.