Model 221 Featherweight

Although introduced in America in 1933 the Singer 221 was not put into production at Kilbowie Scotland until 1947. It was extremely successful and excellent sales meant it was produced in large numbers but as sales declined in the early 1950's the Singer Company in Great Britain introduced the pale turquoise (white) 221K in 1955, this version was only made at Kilbowie and was not sold by Singer in the USA.
It was slightly lighter than the Black 221, having a shorter extension table, an internal toothed rubber belt linking the top and bottom gears and the later models had a full width foot controller. There is also a beige version of this machine.

Model 222 Featherweight

Made only at Singers Kilbowie plant the 222K was introduced in the mid 1950's and should have been the worthy successor to the Featherweight 221 but so successful was the earlier machine that production overlapped by a number of years. The 222K is a Free Arm machine the casing detaches revealing the arm thus making it a truly versatile machine. The main castings are Aluminum and without all it's paraphernalia weighs about 12 lbs.

DATING: The Singer Company still holds the date of commissioning for its machines. The Singer Company has now put this information online go to Singer Machine Serial Numbers. On these models the Serial Number is located underneath the machine.

FURTHER INFORMATION: The following site contains further information about the history of the Singer Featherweight as well as sales of these superb machines Singer Featherweights

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Singer 221 Featheweight

Featherweight 221K Serial No. EY847067.

This machine was made in Kilbowie probably in 1967 and came in a two tone blue carrying case unfortunately without its manual or accessories.
The machine is generally in good condition except where the foot controller which is permanently wired to the machine has caused a couple of minor chips. Attached to the front right of the base was a 'Singer Quality Tested' label with the numbers 45. 13. 6 this has been carefully removed and kept.

Featherweight and Case

Singer Featheweight

Featherweight 222K Serial No. EP543209.

This machine was made in Kilbowie in the Autumn of 1959. Purchased by a sewing teacher in Edinburgh it remained in the same family until it came into our possession.

The 222K is a "free arm" machine with the casing detaching at the turn of a screw to reveal the arm. This machine came complete with case, foot controller, original tray, attachments, manual & bobbins.

Featherweight freearm 222K