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William Sellers Stitchwell sewing machine

Stitchwell" Serial No. 15229.

Wm. Sellers & Co's factory was at the Airedale Works, Larkholme Lane, Keighley, Yorkshire. and sewing machines were produced between 1854 and c1924. By 1875 the Company was producing up to 15,000 sewing machines a year, these included the Stitchwell, Seamstress and various Industrial machines based on the Howe and Thomas designs.

By 1881 the Company name had changed to Wm. Sellers & Sons, the Company diversified producing knitting machines, bicycles and washers. Sewing machines continued to be produced and more modern machines were introduced such as a Family V.S. and a Spool model.

The firm had a Depot at 12 Walbrook, London, E.C. until 1898, the depot then moved on a number of occasions ending up c1924 at
1 Kinghorn Street, London.

william sellers centre bed

This Stitchwell machine is believed to date to the late 1860's or early 1870's.  It has a fiddle shaped cast-base with a wonderful centre decal of an Italian Alpine style landscape painting - hills, trees, conifers, cottages and a stream!

The brass badge at the base of the pillar reads; Wm Sellers & Co. Keighley & London.

The manual refers to there being "Family & Medium, patent prize medal lockstitch sewing machines" and the Company are credited as the patentees & sole manufacturers. It came with a box case with lift up lid.

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