Sewmuse exists to preserve, promote and provide information about Britain's sewing machine industry and its heritage free to all those who are interested - irrespective as to whether they are serious collectors or just interested in that odd shaped machine they've just uncovered!

We are not a charity and receive no external funding nor are we dealers and we do not strive to make a profit from our research.

We are constantly seeking machines to add to our collection, as well as documentation (either original or photocopies) about sewing machine companies for our archive. Primarily our interest is in British sewing machine manufactures but because of the nature of the sewing machine industry we do cover European and North American manufacturers.

Although we are interested in adding ANY examples of EARLY British sewing machines to the collection, the following is a list of machines we are particularly looking for. Whilst we prefer machines to be in good condition we are willing to consider any machine as long as it's castings are not actually broken.
Machines can be donated but we are also willing to pay a reasonable price and postage costs - sorry this applies only to the U.K. mainland.
If you have one of these machines and want to dispose of it please Contact Us

British Sewing Machines Wanted

Taylor made by Taylor's Patent Sewing Machine Co., Driffield.

Dorman made by Dorman Sewing Machine & Engineering Co., Northampton.

Improved Gresham made by Gresham & Craven, Salford, Manchester.

Lancashire made either by Sugdens' Bradbury & Firth or Bradbury & Co

Belgravia made by Bradbury & Co. Oldham, Manchester.

Bradbury Howe Principle made by Bradbury & Co. Oldham, Manchester.

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Bradbury & Company.
Busy Bee
The Franklin
Sewing Machine Co.
Gresham & Craven
The Howe
Machine Co.
Sewing Machine Co.
Jones & Co.
Moldacot Pocket
Sewing Machine Co.
Newton Wilson & Co.
The Royal
Sewing Machine Co.
Sellers & Co.
Shepherd, Rothwell
& Hough
Sewing Machine Co.
Starley & Co.
Edward Ward
James Weir
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