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The Lockman

The Lockman: Serial No. 27736.

Wilson, Bowman & Co. was formed in 1868 in Hamilton, Onterio by A. Wilson, J. Bowman and C. Lockman. This partnership although successful only lasted until 1872 when J. Bowman left the Company which then became Wilson, Lockman & Co. There were further name changes as partners left, and eventually it became the Wilson Sewing Machine Co. a year later in 1884 it closed down.

This machine dates to c1870, it has Wilson, Bowman & Co and Hamilton, Onterio on the slide plate and on the face plate: 'The Lockman' and underneath 'Patented April 9 1869'. The tension discs are mounted on the back of the serpentine arm and the stitch length lever is located beneath the machine.

 Lockman Balance Wheel

LEFT: The boat shuttle travels in a straight race, note the brass fillet in the 'bow' and how tiny the bobbin is. Also shown are the two brass attachments which came with the machine.

RIGHT: Close up showing the attractive
flower which forms the centre decal.

Centre Decal
The Lockman

LEFT: This machine came in a large front opening wooden carry case with brass handle. It has a small but deep drawer at the top. We believe the case maybe original but at some point the lock has been forced and a hook and eye added.