The firm was established in 1882 but prior to that New Home had been the brand name of Johnson, Clark & Co, Orange, Massachusetts which had been established in 1860 making sewing machines as The Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company.

The New Home Sewing Machine Co. was taken over by the Free Sewing Machine Company in 1927. It continued to use the New Home brand name but Free itself was taken over by National in 1953.

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 New Home Worcester New Climax

Kay's Worcester New Climax: Serial No. 3656838. New Home introduced its Climax range of sewing machines in 1893 which it badged for various retailers. This machine was produced in 1916 and badged for Kays of Worcester. Kays are a large United Kingdom Mail order catalogue company.

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Thanks to G Forsdyke for identifying the manufacturer

Home Companion

Home Companion: Serial No. 3951452.

Made in 1920 this is another example of this class of machine but with different decals and a different style of base with a recess in place of the accessory compartment.
The company name appears as a label on the bed of the machine at the base of the pillar.