The National Sewing Machine Company of Belvidere, Illinois which was formed 1890 by the merger of the Eldredge Sewing Machine Company (est.1869) and the June Manufacturing Company (est. 1881).

The firm appears to have specialised in producing badged machines for retailers. In 1953 it merged with Free Sewing Machine Co. but was unable to compete with imported models and the National Sewing Machine Company closed in 1957.

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National Paveway Sewing Machine

Sunlight: Serial No.618854.

In America this machine was known as the Paveway. This is an early example with cast base possibly dating to the mid to late 1890's.

This model has leaf tension and the early "plate" bobbin winder. Later versions had the standard style bobbin winder which was initially mounted in the same position but was later moved higher on the pillar.

The decals are worn and the name Sunlight can only be made out as a faint impression on the arm. The origin of the name is not known it could be a retailers brand name or the machine may have been a prize in one of the Sunlight Soap competitions run in the 1890's.


Governor A: Serial No. 2263543.

Made before 1900 the angular design of this machine originates from an Eldredge machine and in America it was known as the Improved Eldredge B. In the 1920's the machine was given a complete face lift and sold through various retailers.

The Trade Mark logo is an illustration of a Governor which is a mechanical device found on steam engines. Beneath the logo is the Latin inscription "Nil Desperandum" (never dispair) and the initials J.S. & S. which stand for John Shaw & Sons of Wolverhampton.

This machine came complete with shuttle, spare bobbins and tin of attachments. It is set in a stunning five drawer drop head stand which is shown on the Cases and Bases Page.

 Governor Badge