For me an important part of collecting sewing machines is researching the history of the machines and the companies that made them for without this information no matter how beautiful a machine may be it is just a soleless lump of metal. Finding information is often difficult and at times frustrating. The material published on this website is regularly updated to ensure it is as accurate as I can make it, and I welcome new information and research material.

Listed below are some of the many of my articles that have been published. These mainly deal with Bradbury & Co which is my specialist area but there are others.

Sadly I have been the victim of plagiarism - the most offensive was in respect of the Agenoria article - an article that took a year to research and write yet within days of it being published in ISMACS News a certain website was not just using my research material but actually claiming to have carried out the research!

So please enjoy reading these articles but remember they are MY COPYRIGHT this includes not just photographs but illustrations and text which may not be reproduced by any means either wholly or in part. If you wish to use any of my material please contact me - for none profit making uses I usually simply ask for an appropriate acknowledgment.

The format of the articles may differ from the original published article and may have been updated since first published.

All the articles are saved as pdf's so may take a few seconds to open.

If you've got a Singer

Agenoria Sewing Machines

Bradbury's High Arm Family

Bradbury Research - update No. 1

It Had to Happen - A1 Repairer

Bradbury’s Labelled Machines

Gritzner Sewing Machines

Bradbury's Soeze

The Lancashire Sewing Machine Co.

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