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The Jones Medium Cylinder Shuttle was a larger version of the Family C.S designed for use by seamstresss and tailors. There is very little information on this model but from information gleaned from serial numbers we know approximately 180,000 of these machines were made and that production ceased shortly after the start of World War 2.

Jones Medium C.S.

Jones Medium Serial No.162031

Although this machine is labelled as a Bradbury's Medium V.S. it is without doubt a Jones machine - in particular note the large screw between the two spool pins which is a key identifier.

It came in a Jones Parlour Cabinet which we have yet to photograph.

It has tourqoise "tear drop" decals and we know it was made in late 1931 or early 1932 some 7 years after the Bradbury company had gone into liquidation.

We can also confirm that the Bradbury's Medium V.S. decal on the arm was not a left over from the Bradbury Company but was specially produced.

Jones Cylinder Shuttle Manual c1914 on.