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The Jones Hand was introduced in 1879 and remained in production until c1907 with over 136,000 machines being produced. It was labelled for a small number of retailers and a special "prize" version was made in 1906 for Joseph Watson & Sons Ltd, White Hall Soap Works, Leeds.

The earliest Jones Hand do not have a take-up lever and the tension discs are mounted on the arm of the machine. From 1891 onwards a brass boss replaced the centre decal and a second stamp - 'As supplied to H.R.H. The Princess of Wales' appeared on the cloth plate in addition to the Company stamp.

Jones Shepherd, Rothwell & Hough

Eclipse Hand: Serial No. 1565.

Although this machine is clearly labelled Shepherd, Rothwell & Hough it is something of a mystery as unlike both the earlier and later Eclipse Hand machines this machine was without doubt manufactured by Jones & Co. It has all the distinctive features of the Jones Hand including early Jones face plate, bobbin winder, gear guard, and thread guides.

One can only presume that Shepherd, Rothwell & Hough had production difficulties with the Eclipse Hand and consequently had to buy machines from Jones & Co.

What is known is that in January 1882 Shepherd, Rothwell & Hough completed moving their factory during which it is likely they would have had to reduce or stop production and from data we have been compiling regarding the Jones Hand we believe this machine would have been made in 1881 so it is possible it is linked to that particular event.

Jones Brass plate

Jones Hand.Serial No. 35259.

This machine would date to around 1885 and has a brass plated needlebar cover. The Vine Leaf decal can clearly be seen on the pillar, but the remainder are heavily worn.
The cloth plate has the Company's stamped Trade Mark.

jones hand with green shield decal

Jones Hand. Serial No. 91279.

Dates from around 1890 and came complete with shuttle and bobbin in situ and a bobbin still in the winder! This machine has a nickel-plated face plate. Although the decals are worn, the centre decal which reads 'Jones Hand Machine' is largely intact. The cloth plate has the Company's stamped Trade Mark.

Jones hand

Jones Hand. Serial No.97101.

Dates to 1891. The decals are almost invisible on the base of the machine but are still evident on the curved arm & shoulder.
The base has an inset brass boss depicting a Gryphon. There is a stamped badge on the round cloth plate with 'As supplied to H.R.H. The Princess of Wales' and another 'Jones & Company Guide Bridge Nr Manchester'

 Hand Centre Boss

Jones hand

Jones Hand. Serial No.108972.

A very well used example of the Jones Hand. Note the none standard bobbin winder - whilst it maybe home made it seems to work and has a holder for two additional bobbins.

The needle bar cover no longer has any nickel plating but is highly polished brass and the presser bar lever is unusual. Much of the brightwork has been painted black.

Jones Hand

Jones Hand. Serial No. 120602.

This Jones Hand probably dates to around 1893. The decals are worn but the centre yellow rose decal is largely intact.

 Jones Hand  side view