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The Jones Family C.S. was introduced in 1893 and apart from some cosmetic improvements remained largely unchanged until well into the 1930's with some 630,000 machines being produced. As a result many examples survive and in Great Britain a good example can be found at less than 20 depending on condition and completeness.

The Family C.S. was produced mainly as a hand machine but was also available as a treadle with various designs of cabinet work. It should however be noted that the Family C.S. was not designed as an industrial or semi industrial machine.

The company did however produce a Medium C.S. version which was designed to be used by professional seamstress and tailors with about 180,000 machines of this type being produced mainly as treadles.

The Jones Company extensively labelled the Family C.S. for retailers and so it appears with a variety of names on the arm. The easiest way to confirm if your labelled machine is a Jones C.S. is to look for the large screw head on top of the arm between the two spool pins.

 Jones C. S. c1894

Jones Family C.S. Serial No. 5155

An early example of the Jones Family C. S. machine probably manufacturered in 1894. It has the Patent number 6668 and Patent date March 29th 1893 stamped on the front slide plate.

The inspection cover on the needlebar is engraved with "Jones Sewing Machine Comp'y Limited" and bears the Company's' Gryphon Trade Mark. The bright work is polished steel and not plated as on later machines.

Note the Japanned balance wheel and early style bobbin winder.

The decals are of an early style and continue onto the face -plate. There is a beautiful, although slightly worn, bouquet of roses as the centre decal.

The base lacks an accessory compartment and the case fittings are different to later models. Note the insert under the front edge to accept the fixing on the case. The case slots over the two fittings at the other end and an integral lock is provided in one of the catches. This machine came complete with original, though tatty, instruction manual, attachments and key.

 Jones End View

 Jones family c.s.

Jones Family C.S. Serial No. 21572

A later Jones Family C.S. probably made around 1895.
It has the later style decals to the arm and bed although roses are still used as the centre decal.

The case fastenings have changed but it still lacks the accessory compartment found on later models.

This machine was in grim condition when we found it, see the Restoration Page.

 Jones family c.s.

Jones Family C.S. Serial No. 234882

This has 'As supplied to Her Majesty Queen Alexandra' on the shoulder decal and so was probably manufactured around 1914. There is extensive pitting to the bed, but the decals are reasonable and it is mechanically sound.

Jones Cylinder Shuttle Manual c1914 on.

federation family
C.W.S. shoulder decal

C.W.S. Federation Serial No.341636

Jones produced machines with badging for various retailers in this case for the Co-operative Wholesale Society. Dating to around 1925 it has beautiful floral decals and a scrolled C.W.S. Federation badge to the bed.

 Bradbury Jones V.S.

Jones Family C.S. Serial No. 356461.

The machine was made by the Jones company around 1925 but is labelled as a Bradbury's V.S. and is mounted in a Bradbury base with Bradbury case.

It was sold by Robinson's, Davygate, York whose details appear on a plaque on the cover of the accessory compartment.

jones c.s.

Jones Family C.S. Serial No. 444541.

Dated to about 1930 with black diagonal across the shoulder decal and the centre base decal this decal pattern is sometimes referred to as black stripe.

There is a retailers plaque by the accessory compartment for Moiser's Freeman Street Grimsby Gramaphone & Wireless Depot.

 Jones C.S. Whiteleys

Whiteleys Universal Serial No. 544594.

Probably made around 1934. A very plain machine with no decals apart from "Whiteleys Universal" on the arm and "British Made" on the bed. Whiteleys was a Department Store in London.
We bought this machine without a base but it sits nicely in a base from a Jones machine. The metal work is still bright and mechanically it hardly makes a sound!

 Jones empress

Empress.Serial No. 486238.

Made around 1933. The Empress was sold through the Army & Navy Stores Ltd in the 1930's at about half the price of the standard Jones machine.

This machine is in good condition and sits in a short base with the hand crank assembly overhanging the end. It is missing its Rexine cover which had a pocket for accessories/manual. It simply sat on top of the machine tea-cosy style!

Jones C.S. Federation

Jones C. S. Serial No. 522569.

This machine dates to the mid 1930's and was probably produced for an unnamed retailer as there is no name on the arm or bed. Machines with similar decals have badging for the Co-operative Wholesale Society with Federation across the arm.

A close up of the shoulder decal. The colours are brilliant green and turquoise blue, a combination we have also seen not only on Jones machines and those badged for the Co-op but also machines of Jones origin which have been badged as Bradbury's.

Federation shoulder decal