1. The Search Facility ONLY searches within the Bradbury site, it does NOT search the internet. For other makers please try our sister site www.sewmuse.co.uk which covers many European and North American sewing machine manufacturers.

2. Search for specific terms e.g. Family machine instead of just machine.

3. Check the spelling of your search term.

4. Do not search using your machines serial number. If you want to find out about your particular machine contact us with the serial number and if possible a photograph of the machine.

5. Do not search for a machines value as there is no information on current values of Bradbury machines on the site.

We are always pleased to hear from owners of Bradbury sewing machines or any other product made by the Bradbury Company and will try to answer any queries you may have but please bear in mind it may sometimes take a week or so for us to reply.

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